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Introduction to patent attorney

  • Kaoru Watanabe
    Kaoru Watanabe
    Reg. No. 11287     Biochemistry, Environmental chemistry, Organic chemistry, Food chemistry, Trademark, Copyright, Contract
  • Miwako Inoue
    Miwako Inoue
    Reg. No. 14786     Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Food chemistry, Trademark, Unfair Competiton
  • Yasutaka Ishiwata
    Reg. No. 16671     Applied chemistry, Biochemistry, Food, Cosmetics
  • Masahiro Matsuda
    Masahiro Matsuda
    Reg. No. 13068     Biochemistry, Glycoscience, Food chemistry, Fisheries science, Agricultural chemistry
  • Yuka Tanaka
    Reg. No. 20171     Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Design
  • Mayumi Matsunaka
    Mayumi Matsunaka
    Reg. No. 20171     Biochemistry, Biology, Software, Information Technology
  • Takehira Nakatani
    Reg. No. 21568     System Engineering, Robotics, Software
  • Futoshi Moriya
    Reg. No. 15211 Electrical engineering,Mechanical engineering
  • Takamasa Uchida
    Reg. No. 17349 Chemistry (Organic, Inorganic, Polymer), Cosmetics, Chemical materials
  • Yorimichi Ishikawa
    Reg. No. 17373             Litigation and Corporate Attorney (Patent, Trademark, Unfair competition, Copyright, General corporate), Unfair competition, Copyright, Contract
  • Masaki Ohno
    Reg. No. 25575             Civil case, Commercial case, Criminal case, Unfair competition, Copyright, Contract
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About us

Office overview

TOKYO 108-0014 JAPAN
Tel +81-3-6381-7461
Facsimile +81-3-6381-7462

The historical development of KUNPU

February,1996 Kaoru Watanabe, the current representative patent attorney, joined Aoba International Patent Agency as a patent expert after leaving a food company at the age of 33
November,1998 Kaoru Watanabe passed the Japanese patent bar examination
December,1998 Kaoru Watanabe was registered as a patent attorney (Reg. No.: 11287)
March,2001 Kaoru Watanabe founded Amano Watanabe International Patent Office as a representative patent attorney and a partner
January,2005 Kaoru Watanabe founded KUNPU Intellectual Property Agents in Shinagawa, Tokyo
(2 patent attorneys and 2 clerical staff)
October,2005 Miwako Inoue, one of the current partners, joined KUNPU
April,2006 KUNPU welcomed Masaki Ohno as a corporation lawyer
September,2007 The office relocated to the current location in Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
November,2009 Nagoya branch office opened (Chief of Nagoya branch office: Miwako Inoue, Partner)
May,2011 A new conference room was built on the 8th floor of Tokyo head office
November,2019 The office relocated to the current location in SHIBA,Minato-ku,Tokyo

Organization chart