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Introduction to patent attorney

  • Kaoru Watanabe
    Kaoru Watanabe
    Reg. No. 11287     Biochemistry, Environmental chemistry, Organic chemistry, Food chemistry, Trademark, Copyright, Contract
  • Miwako Inoue
    Reg. No. 14786     Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Food chemistry, Trademark, Unfair Competiton
  • Masahiro Matsuda
    Reg. No. 13068     Biochemistry, Glycoscience, Food chemistry, Fisheries science, Agricultural chemistry
  • Yuka Tanaka
    Reg. No. 20171     Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Design
  • Takehira Nakatani
    Reg. No. 21568     System Engineering, Robotics, Software
  • Futoshi Moriya
    Reg. No. 15211 Electrical engineering,Mechanical engineering
  • Akihiro Kitano
    Reg. No. 21074 Biotechnology, Biochemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, structure, Consultant for small and medium enterprises
  • Takamasa Uchida
    Reg. No. 17349 Chemistry (Organic, Inorganic, Polymer), Cosmetics, Chemical materials
  • Fumiko Horie
    Reg. No. 23353  Applied chemistry, Organic chemistry
  • Yorimichi Ishikawa
    Reg. No. 17373             Litigation and Corporate Attorney (Patent, Trademark, Unfair competition, Copyright, General corporate), Unfair competition, Copyright, Contract
  • Masaki Ohno
    Reg. No. 25575             Civil case, Commercial case, Criminal case, Unfair competition, Copyright, Contract
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Introduction to overseas

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen Overseas.

"KUNPU," the name of our firm, means "fresh air having the fragrance of young leaves in early summer" in Japanese.
Following the example of our name, we will strive to provide a breath of "fresh air" to the intellectual property field and bring new perspective to the business of clients all over the world.
Our office is located near "Shinagawa" which is a representative of the "emerging" business towns located in the nation's capital and the Tokyo Bay area. The Japan Patent Office is also easily accessible in about 20 minutes by train from our office.
Our staff offers an extensive range of expertise in technical fields including chemistry (inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and industrial chemistry), biochemistry, pharmacy, food engineering, electricity, environmental chemistry, materials and new energy, as well as in trademarks.
In addition to services that create rights such as application and interim procedures focusing on the above fields, we also actively provide such services as maintenance and management of intellectual property rights, licensing, research including prior-art and trademark searches, appraisements, dispute settlements, agreements, academic-industrial alliances and consulting. Of course, we also have the capability to handle intellectual property-related services in other fields. Recently, the volume of foreign application services in North America, China, Korea, Southeast Asian countries, Australia, India and African countries has increased in our firm, in addition to domestic intellectual property-related services. Job offers from overseas clients are also increasing.
Our firm is eager to build close partnerships with more patent offices, law firms and enterprises around the world in the future.
Should you have any questions or requests, please feel free to consult us.